Comedy Download Gold!

04 Dec

This is one hell of an offer!!!

Graham Hey is one of the funniest Comedy Magicians i know! ( Pay you later Graham! ) He is constantly working, and also writing material for other performers, and comedians, as well as tv sitcoms!

With this download you get 3 jam packed e-books full of comedy gags and material!  You receive 'The Comedy Cockpit', 'Killer One Liners to Create a Big Buzz!', and 'Inside the Cage'  This one specifically aimed at Kids show/Family Audience performers.   There  is so much Commercial usable material  on here! Each sell separately for a lot more, and this is the only place you can get all 3 at this special price - authorized by Graham. Limited offer - Don't miss out! 

Ask me nicely and i will send you free of charge Graham's brand new funny novel e-book 'Let's Hear it for the Boy!', which sells like hot cakes on Amazon.

It’s the fabulously funny story of a struggling magician trying to find true love somewhere amongst the gay bars, working men’s clubs and cake shops of a West Yorkshire town.

A fruit cake, an International drugs dealer and the Heimlich Manouevre  play pivotal roles in this tale of romantic failure set in the un-glamourous locale of Huddersfield.

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