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04 Dec

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Let’s Hear it for the Boy!

Get out your Jane Fonda leotard and pink leg warmers, the 80’s are back! ‘Let’s hear it for the Boy’ is the brilliant new 80’s set rom-com by Graham Hey, one of the UK’s hottest comedy writers! It really is the feel-good book of the Year!

Taryn Johnston, Executive Editor of Publishers CHRONOS says: “We are so pleased to be releasing this fabulously funny novel! Book groups online and social media has already created a buzz about this release, and we think it’s merited! There aren’t many REALLY good, funny, feel good books around – but this is definitely one!”   

The novel has already sold like hot-cakes on-pre-order through Amazon, and also sold several hundred pre-sales of the e-version in the USA though online booksellers.

When twenty-something James Valentine pays an unscheduled visit to a fortune teller in Whitby, he is told that he’s going to meet three women that will influence his life in ways that he could never imagine!

It’s the fabulously funny story of a struggling magician trying to find true love somewhere amongst the gay bars, working men’s clubs and cake shops of a West Yorkshire town.

A fruit cake, an International drugs dealer and the Heimlich Manouevre  play pivotal roles in this tale of romantic failure set in the un-glamourous locale of Huddersfield.

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