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CLICK is a slick device that lets you capture the future. Anything and everything that your spectator is thinking can be predicted with precision. The best part is... the prediction is a photograph! You ask your spectator to think of literally anything - a name, number, word etc. An envelope with just ONE photograph is sitting on the table in full view. When you slide the photograph out of the envelope, it matches your spectator's thought precisely. First they rub their eyes in disbelief, and then they rub their finger over the photograph just to reconfirm that the prediction is indeed inside the photograph. - The prediction is actually in the photograph - It's small enough to fit in your pocket - Reset happens in seconds, which makes it perfect for walk around - Prediction is made in REAL TIME - Prediction is 100% correct....GUARANTEED - ZERO sleights This new, easy-to-use, powerful effect will become your favorite.

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