Copag 310 Together Forever (Red) Playing Cards


This is a brilliant version of Anniversary Waltz! The deck is shown to be regular. Two cards are chosen and signed independently. The lucky audience undergoing this routine clearly sees their cards placed next to each other, they hold them in their hands and in an instant, they join as one. At first they think they are stuck together ... and then they realize ... they are now... one... card. The cards, just like the couple, will be TOGETHER FOREVER! Perfect to perform for couples in love, two family members or best friends. Hey, or even just to one person where they write their partner's name or a celebrity crush on the other card. I have been performing this effect personally for over two years and it gets stunning reactions. Everyone just cannot believe the object they hold in their hands. NOTE: Gimmicks only supplied. You receive 28 gimmicks in a pack. 4 different pairs of cards (x 7) professionally printed and cut out ready to use by Cartamundi to use with their red Copag 310 deck. You can get away with Bicycle cards as only the red border part is seen. But if you would like the Copag deck these are available separately.

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