Fruit Pen

You hand the spectator a sweet, place the sweets down on the table for later. You ask for a card to be selected and signed but can’t find a pen. With a click of the fingers, THE SWEETS ARE NOW A PEN. Making something change into a pen is magical and having them look like sweets is fun. You really have to try this out to understand the reactions it gets, if you like different in your magic, this is for you. The marker inside is a quality large Sharpie and will last a very long time.

£6.00 £10.00(-40%)

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It also comes with the FOUR HEARTS card reveal labels to add yet another level to your presentations.

No routines provided, it is what is it, so have fun.

What you get:
1 made up ready to go Fruit Pastels marker pen
10 card reveal labels