Las Vegas Liason!

This is a classic and powerful card effect made better than ever! This deck is made entirely from REAL casino cards from Las Vegas! An unusual deck, as all the cards have different back designs which have all come from Las Vegas Casinos. The cards are genuine and cut at the corners so they can not be used for cheating in the Casinos. The Magician places two cards face up to act as predictions. Two cards are now selected by spectators, and amazingly, the selected cards match the predictions. Not only the back designs, the faces match too! For the knockout climax, the deck is spread face up, and it is seen to consist entirely of a completely different card eg 3 of spades!

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The 'Rainbow Deck' as an effect is an absolute classic! Totally self working, and a real layman fooler!

The fact that these are real poker size used casino cards make it a talking piece and more interesting as an effect.

This trick is a bargain at the price, it would cost a fortune to make the deck up yourself!