Magic Spy


A really different fun packet trick! You talk about spy films and tv series, female spies etc. You show a packet of all alike face up Queens eg QC, and mix them up. Using a code sheet, and spelling of Magic Spy a card is stopped at, and put aside. You tell the spectator she would make a great spy! She has found the double agent! They will ask How? All the cards are the same! After a few gags, you proceed to show that the card stopped at has a very special back!, but all the others have blue backs!


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This effect by Gary Young is based on an old effect released by Roy Roth many years ago called Counterspy.

Gary has brought it bang up to date with less cards, and nice presentation, with a kicker finish with an especially produced and printed bicycle card. You also receive a red backed card as well fi you wanted to use this instead of the printed card.

Instant reset, self working, no force of letter or number, ideal for all close up bookings!