I think this might well be a brand new plot in card magic! You show a deck of cards which is completely unlike ANY your audience has ever seen: every single card in the deck has something written on the face of it - exactly how it should be revealed! E.g. the Ace of Hearts has "Inside the box" written on it, meaning that should a participant pick the Ace of Hearts, it will appear inside the card box. And all 52 cards have a different message: "Face-up in the deck", "Rise out of the deck", "Folded up in a box", "In a wallet (and an envelope!)", "Under your watch", "At a named number", etc, etc.The deck is shuffled and the participant selects a card and reads the message, so that he knows how it will be revealed. The performer turns his head away so that he sees neither. The card is very cleanly shuffled back into the deck which is placed on the table. The performer never touches it again (oh, and nothing is palmed out of the deck at any time!)The performer now asks how the card should be revealed and the participant responds: in the performer's pocket. The performer is dubious and shows his pocket empty. He then asks what card the participant chose and the participant says the "Three of Diamonds". The participant counts through the deck to find that there are only 51 cards and that the Three of Diamonds is missing.The performer reaches inside his pocket again... No, then it must be in your pocket! Spectator finds the card in his pocket! Very easy to do!

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Ouroboros is so strong that it has to be used as a closer. In fact it might be the ONLY card trick you include in that particular set. Certainly nothing can follow it. Imagine astonishing with it at weddings, with the bride finding her selection inside the groom's pocket whilst you are stood on the opposite side of the table! Comes will full instructions and all the required secret stuff. Supply your own Bicycle deck.

“Fantastic! Love the plot, it’s totally unique. And the effect seems completely impossible. This also opens up SO many avenues for workers. Jazz card magic just took a giant leap forward. Highest recommendation.” – Gary Jones