This is a highly commercial packet trick for walk about, table hopping, close up etc. Totally self working, and instant reset! This is a real worker! Especially produced and printed on bicycle stock cards


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Pooped! By Gary Young.  

I have been performing a version of this for over 20 years! It is one of my favourite effects for all walk about, close up work. I recently updated the effect using famous symbols!  It gets brilliant reactions! Even better than my other versions!!!

The effect is as follows:

12 face down blue backed cards are shown, 6 are given to the spectator, and you keep 6. Behind your backs you both mix them up, then the spectator gives you one of their cards, and you give them one of yours. You ask the spectator to turn the one you gave him face up and stick it in the middle of the packet, and you do the same with the one he gave you. When you both bring your packets forward and spread them both yours and the spectators face up card match and have a laughing symbol on it! This often gets a great reaction! but sometimes the spectators will say their all the same! You then say - they cant be that would make the trick a pile of poo!!! You then show that all the other cards have printed images of - well you can guess!