A lightning-fast Rising Card! Take out your deck of cards. It's ordinary and the cards are different. Show it freely from all sides. Show the case that is on the table. It's completely ordinary. Invite your spectator to choose a random card from the deck. ABSOLUTELY no force! Have the spectator sign the card to assure that it's completely unique. After several shuffles, the card is lost deep in the deck. With no suspicious moves, the deck is replaced in its case. No one except the spectator knows the identity of the selected card. You now take out a small plastic card which the spectator examines. It's a white plastic card with a red button labeled "PUSH." That aside, the card is ordinary. Ask your spectator to write the name of his card on the plastic card in big letters in the middle of the white surface. Let's say he signs the Five of Clubs. Take the open case in the left hand. The cards are plainly visible inside the case. Gently shake the case to position the card (you say). The spectator himself can also shake the case with the cards inside. Take the plastic card and slide it under the cellophane or simply hold it against the case. Point to the red PUSH button at the bottom of the plastic card. Push the button. INSTANTLY, a card jumps from the deck. The card comes out at lightning speed, surprising and even startling your spectators! It is the selected card!

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  • NO forcing! The choice of card is truly a free one! 
  • The PUSH CARD card is examinable! 
  • Reset in less than five seconds. Perfect for table-hopping. 
  • The card comes out alone at lightning speed with no intervention from you. All you have to do is push the button! 
  • The gimmick is made to last and will stand up to the demands of professional usage. 
  • Use your own deck and your own card case! 

Comes with Gimmick, PUSH CARD, and erasable pencil

Explanatory online French/English video.