Secret Servante


Secret Servante is a utility device which allows you to secretly dispose of, or steal out, small objects such as folded cards, coins, finger rings and billets. Secret Servante can be fitted to your jacket within seconds, and requires no tailoring or safety pins. It is lightweight and designed specifically for close up situations. Secret Servante is suitable for right and left handed magicians - indeed, you can fit it on BOTH SIDES of your jacket to give you double the potential. Secret Servante can also be attached to your belt. Secret Servante is quick and simple to use. Just drop your arm down by your side, and your hand will automatically fall to the perfect natural position to use Secret Servante. This Exclusive version to Magic Zone Enterprises comes with a link to an extra PDF full of ideas by Sean


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Once you have Secret Servante you will appreciate the vast potential, a bit like the thumb tip. You will be able to produce, vanish, switch and ditch items - in short Secret Servante will open up many routines to you that perhaps in the past you may not have been comfortable in performing, or perhaps not been able to practically perform. It will make your magic CLEANER and more magical.

"This is my new best kept secret. Don't 'hold out' on buying it”


"Sean Goodman has produced an AMAZING utility device which is a MUST HAVE for all magicians. Brilliant!"

Nicholas Einhorn

"As soon as I saw this my mind went racing through the myriad of effects it will make easier and cleaner. I love it!"

Jon Allen