This brilliant effect lets you add a personal touch to your magic by revealing the spectator’s start sign – how could you ever know that? You couldn’t! This is what makes jaw-dropping magic and creates reactions at an emotional level. A drawstring bag is placed on the table, and a business card with all the zodiac signs handed to the spectator. On the card – against each zodiac sign are three words that describe the characteristics of that star sign generally – this is a lovely way to have fun with the spectator and get others involved. You then direct all attention to the velvet bag on the table. You explain that you knew their star sign before you even met them and made a prediction, you say inside the bag there is a disc, you pick up the bag and reveal that inside is indeed a disc and printed on it is their zodiac sign – you then hand them the disc and the bag for inspection, both of which are completely clean…


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The trick is easy to do, and has been professionally produced.

You receive;

12 specially printed metal discs with each star sign printed on them 

A Zodiac card/crib sheet 

A small velvet reveal bag 

A large velvet carry bag

Full instructions by Sean

Lee Smith said " Having worked with Sean a few times he doesn't use anything that's not direct strong and workable.  
I have been aware of the routine for a long time and seen Sean work and develop it. (It's been seriously worked) now he has made it so direct and streamlined so it easy to understand.
This is open for massive presentation opportunities and it's so easy to use that you can focus on this.
I know people will love this and probably end up being a go to effect for many.
Sean's a busy worker and when someone been using an effect for this long before realising it then you know it's going to be very good. "